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Voted Best Auto Repair Facility In Ocean County 5 Years In A Row

OTA Services

 Engine and Transmission Repairs and Overhauls with a
   12 month 12,000 mile to 3 year 100,000 mile warranty
 State Inspection & Reinspect Facility
 Emission repair facility
 The best oil change service in the business (Learn More)
 Timing belt replacement
 New vehicle scheduled maintenance
 Transmission fluid service
 Cooling system flush
 Fuel injector cleaning
 Braking systems including ABS light diagnostics
 Air conditioning/Cooling/Heating system repairs
 Steering linkage & suspension
 Shocks & Struts
 Tune up
 Fuel injection service
 Computer systems "Check Engine" and
   "Service Engine Soon" lights
 Intermittent engine problems
 Automatic & Manual transmission services
 Clutch & flywheel service

 Electrical systems
 Starter repair/replacement
 Alternator repair/replacement
 Tires - full inventory of all sizes & several manufacturers
 Windhshield replacement & repairs
 Power window & door lock repairs
 New/Remand engine replacement
 New/remand transmission replacement
 Engine repairs,intake manifold & cylinder heads/gaskets
 Differential repair/replacement
 C/V axle repair/replacement
 Exhaust system repair/replacement/welding
 4 Wheel drive repairs
 Air bag light diagnostics & repairs
 Low tire pressure warning light diagnostics & repairs

Perfect Wheel & Tire Balancing

Our new, state of the art, Hunter gsp9700 Road force wheel/tire balancing machine will save any vibration or pulling problem your vehicle may be experiencing that other shops just can't figure out. First a computer simulated road test is performed to determine if wheel and tire are "out-of-round". If indicated, the tire & wheel are disassembled and repositioned to optimize tire & wheel positioning for the smoothest ride imagined. A double-plane dynamic balance is then performed to eliminate any "up and down" and "side to side" imbalance for a truly smooth ride.

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