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No "Quickie"

Our lubrication, oil, and filter service is the best in the business. Remember, you only want an experienced mechanic changing your oil. An experienced mechanic will detect what may be a minor problem before it turns into a costly repair. You change your oil approximately every 3000 miles. You drive your car in all types of weather conditions. That is a long time between hood openings, have us inspect your vehicle for safety & reliability at each oil service interval.

Your oil change will take approximately 25 minutes.
In that time, we do not just change your oil, we:

 Check and fill your windshield washer reservoir.
 Check your transmission fluid level & condition.
 Check your brake fluid level & condition.
 Check your power steering fluid level & condition.
 Check your radiator antifreeze level & condition.
 Check your vehicle's undercarriage.
 Check your steering linkage & suspension.
 Check your shocks & struts.
 Check the condition of your exhaust system.
 Check your tire condition and set proper air pressure.
 Check belts & hoses for signs of wear.
 Check drive axle C/V boots & joints.
 Check wiper blades
 Check all exterior lights
 Install a new Purolator oil filter.
 Vacuum your car.
 Drain & fill with engine oil specific to your engine,
    make and model.

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